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About the Artist

Hello everyone my name is Mikaela, the girl behind the brush let’s get to know each other a little bit! I am a young watercolour artist that specializes in animal Portraits from dogs to horses and even cows. I have a soft hyper realistic style I’m also a mother of two crazy boys, we also have a dairy goat farm were we breed Nubians and now Nigerians. I’ve been painting for over 12 years and the love of watercolour came from my local 4-h club where I had the most amazing teacher Linda. I love creating pieces for my customers and each painting has a place in my heart and I can’t wait to be able to great something special for you.

My Style

I just want to explain a little bit more about my style for you guys! From the very beginning of my painting journey I was always drawn to the small details, they just made the painting. But let me tell you I have tried and tried to get into other styles! Of course they didn’t work out because I would sit there and quietly lose my mind because I couldn’t control it was happening on my paper. In the same breath though, my style also shows a little bit of freeness. Most of my paintings show a bit of my original pencil drawing underneath, I love it and it gives a painting a bit of a raw edge, maybe it’s a step for me into the looser side of things? We will have to wait and see! I hope you guys love my paintings just as much as I do.

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